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Coasting Along…

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As you watch the waitress put the glass down, you notice the logo on the coaster… And just like that the branded coaster is out of mind. Coasters have gained a reputation of only gaining a millisecond of advertising value, until now!

Below we have a coaster that reveals a message when it gets warm. It is an interactive and eye-catching branded item that will pollinate your advertising when your customers perceive value and take they coaster with them to show around.



This coaster can literally be mailed as a postcard!


Whether it’s a scenic image like this to encourage mailing, a coupon to ensure customer retention on a purchase, or an interactive message, coasters have much longer lives now – Making your ROI higher.


Email Hotline@Hooplad.com for pricing!

Toosh Cushion

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Here we have a 17″ stadium cushion made of a thick water-proof denier fabric, with a two-color imprint, and handle for easy transportation.

This is a great gift or giveaway to make games more enjoyable, whether your team wins or not!

Comes in an abundance of colors, shapes and size options.


Introducing the Silipint…

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Highly portable, made of FDA approved silicone, 100% safe for all ages, and in support of a greener world, this incredibly FUN product will keep you smiling from the minute you use one, and long into the future.

 It’s more than just a cup! You can freeze it, nuke it, bounce it, bake it- or even run over it in your car!  You can’t hurt this thing- better yet, it won’t hurt you!! No broken glass!

Hoopla is proud to be a distributor of the Silipint!

Email us for any inquiries!

Logo Shades That Put ‘Ray’s To Shame

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Custom designed, full color UV protected sunglasses can be imprinted with logos of your company, school, favorite teams, clubs or even images of your family or pet!
The logo is applied directly to the lens in a special eco-friendly process that allows you to see through while people looking at you see only your special message, brand, image or logo.

A Hot Item for Cold Weather

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Blankets can offer a lifetime of warmth and memories. Combined with your custom logo, this will be an item they will cherish forever!


Get it while it’s hot! … Or cold rather.

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‘Tis the Season…

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For EXPOsition Preparations!

We’ve outlined some classic tradeshow giveaways sure to keep your company at their fingertips!

The usual pens, drinkware, USB’s, lip balm, and candy are all great ways to keep your info on hand. It’s the pop up, full-color tradeshow display that will get their attention! Email hotline@hooplad.com for pricing info!

Double Up

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Seeds N’ Greetings!

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 These ornament cards are made from 100% recycled paper, printed with soy and water-based ink and seeds of your choice! Plant the seed ornament and it will grow into flowers, herbs or even vegetables -Its the card that keeps on giving…

Many more stock options available or design your own, email hotline@HooplaD.com for details!